• As we are a combined Horseman’s and Pony Club, our club caters not only for children but also has a very active adult riding section.This section has riders of all ages and experience from complete newcomers to those who have ridden all their lives. Up until recently our oldest riding member was 80 years of age.

    Our Adult Riders group meets every Tuesday (except for a short break over the Christmas Festive Season) where we receive group lessons in flatwork and show jumping, from the basics upwards from a great team of coaches that is second to none. If you think you need to be a serious competitor before you’d find this useful, you’d be wrong. Most of us are recreational riders and a pretty motley crew who find great benefit in learning the basics of these disciplines. We are taught not only how to ride but also how to train our horses. Most of us end up with horses that are so much more obedient, responsive and just nicer to ride and be around, whether we spend 99% of our time trail riding or are aiming for the top.

    Incidentally Adult Riders/Tuesday Club is also a great social event where everyone has news and views on every subject imaginable. Feeding, hoof trimming, grooming, rugging, tack, veterinary matters – you name it we talk about it. You don’t even have to bring a horse along – it’s a great chance to chat about horses over a cup of tea and a biscuit after the coaching session is over.


Membership to the club runs by the calendar year.

Becoming a member entitles you to ride at the club grounds at any time, compete in all club run events, you have voting rights and are able to hold a position on the committee.


Due to the changes made by EWA there will be no day insurance offered at club events run under EA rules riders must either be individual current financial members of EWA or members of Margaret River and District Horseman’s Association and PonyClubInc. We have a membership category for riders who do not have EWA membership – Competitor Only Membership.

This membership entitles riders to compete at any event run by Margaret River Pony Club which is being run under EWA/EA rules eg Dressage, Show Horse, Show Jumping.


Allows those riders who do not intend to ride more than a dozen times per year to be a member of the club and utilise the facilities.

To apply for Memberships please click on the link and do so through Nominate Clubs